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Stephanie Castro

Scheduler/Office Assistant

Growing up with an older brother with special needs and not able to receive the help he needed, Stephanie became determined to go to school and enter the field of psychology to help others like him. During her time at CSUSB she was able to take her first step and become a BT in the ABA field. After her very first session she felt that this was the exact field she needed to be in and went on to work in the home and school settings working directly with clients and being able to advocate for them as well.

Stephanie has worked with children directly for three years in both the home and school settings, and enjoys the rewards and challenges in each setting. In her role as an administrator she is able to assist the kiddos make progress on a global scale by ensuring schedules are optimized and communication with staff and families are maintained.

Some of her personal interests are volunteer work in her community serving in gardening, door to door food distribution and educating the community of the benefits of composting and how it helps maintain our local community gardens.

Stephanie Castro
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