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Lizette Munoz, M.S., BCBA

Clinical Supervisor

Lizette has always had a passion for being a part of something bigger and more meaningful. She was not sure where or how, but as she got exposed to the field of ABA-being a resource for families and helping make a difference in peoples lives -is what gave her a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

One day she would love to make a difference in underdeveloped communities expanding her knowledge in Applied Behavior Analysis. She has been exposed to rural locations with a need for ABA knowledge and no access, everyone deserves a better quality of life.

When Lizette is not out in the field or working behind a computer you can find her enjoying nature on a hike, exploring new places, and traveling to different cities, states, and countries. She loves to experience new cultures and learning through the world around her. She also enjoys photography while doing all of the above.

Lizette Munoz, M.S., BCBA
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