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Ana Arnautalic, M.Ed., BCBA

Senior Clinical Supervisor

Her enthusiasm and drive to succeed as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) have been influenced by experiences over the last eight years of her life. In 2013, her son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and she became determined to help him in every way imaginable. Researching the available literature, becoming involved within the autism community, and networking with the large number of supportive parents with special needs children, she was fascinated by the importance and the power of early intervention. ABA therapy has greatly helped her child discover his individual gifts and talents, and is continuously helping him reach his full potential. It also provided her with an aspiration to learn more. In 2016 she enrolled in a master’s program at Arizona State University to obtain a degree in special education with an emphasis in applied behavior analysis and in 2020, she became a BCBA. Her ultimate goal is to make meaningful changes not only in the clients that we serve, but their families as well.

As a BCBA, she has worked with clients from infancy through adulthood. In the last 5 years, working in the field of ABA, she has participated in many different roles such as a registered behavior technician (RBT) providing individualized 1:1 therapy, social skills leader for preschool and elementary school-aged clients in the clinical setting, program supervisor, and behavior analyst in both home and school settings.

As relationships are very important to her, she finds a good life-work balance by spending time with her family and friends. On the other hand, photography is her artistic output that allows her to express her creative side and she enjoys capturing beautiful images of the things she loves - family, animals, and nature

Ana Arnautalic, M.Ed., BCBA
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