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Southern California 

Providing in-home ABA services to the following areas:

-Orange County

-Riverside and surrounding areas

-Coachella Valley

Direct ABA Intervention

Our highly trained staff will work directly with your child utilizing a variety of behavior analytic interventions tailored to your child’s specific needs. We work with ages 0-21 who display a wide range of needs. The ultimate goal for our in-home ABA services is to have the individual establish more independence by coming in contact with natural reinforcement overtime.  This includes a reduction in problem behaviors and an increase in socially significant behaviors. The path to achieve this varies by individual, however the same principles are applied, and the same collaborative approach is taken

Parent Consultation

Parent consultation is a team approached service that helps provide parents and/or caregivers with the tools needed to help their child learn and generalize new skills. With an emphasis in positive reinforcement techniques while utilizing behavior analytic principles, many new skills can be taught through play with active engagement. YOU are the expert on your child, and we give you the tools needed to teach your child new skills Beyond Tomorrow!

Case Supervision

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst, BCBA, will be the expert assigned to your child’s team and will be responsible for the development of the treatment plan, progress of goals, support for the intervention team and overall case management. The BCBA supervisor also provides ongoing assessment of your child’s progress utilizing data analysis and observations during sessions. Ongoing training of the intervention team is also provided by the BCBA on a regular basis in order to enhance the implementation of skill acquisition and reduction of problem behaviors

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  • Anthem Blue Cross of California Commercial

  • Anthem Blue Cross of California Medi-Cal

  • CalOptima

  • Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP)

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of California (Magellan)

  • Managed Health Network (MHN)

  • Partnership HealthPlan

To find out if we work with your provider or if ABA therapy is covered by your insurance plan, contact us today.

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