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Because Science!

Stay awhile! Ad Astra Behavior Analytic Services utilizes the science of applied behavior analysis to teach new behaviors in fun and engaging ways. As such, we also encourage the use of all sciences to better understand our world and beyond! Explore the resources below or visit their direct websites to learn more about each topic of interest! 

*Ad Astra Behavior Analytic Services is not directly affiliated with any of the following websites. All of the websites below are available to the public and are presented for informational purposes.

"To the Stars" Space Exploration

Come and explore NASA's interactive 3D Solar System Exploration model! Click on any of the items below to learn more about each item or visit

Code Your Creativity with Scratch

Scratch is a coding community that simplifies complex coding concepts for children as a means to introduce them to this form of literacy. Scratch allows children's creativity to come to digital life while demystifying computer programing. Play the video below to learn more and visit (ages 8-16) or (ages 5-7)

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